Have you ever heard of Petsy Chattertone? A nice and energetic halfling bard you can join? Well, she's quite ready to join you and your group and help people, solve problems, handle puzzles and discuss matters. In exchange, she's expecting a en ear that will listen to her and a friend that will help her handle her personal quest. The mod includes a romance for a male representatives of all short races.*
Version 4.0 introduces some great changes, updates and fixes:

  • When Petsy pretends to be someone else, she should use that person's name
  • Better sound installation (LAF HANDLE_AUDIO)
  • Seperate item descriptions for EE
  • Slightly improved EE portrait
  • Added iconv-transcoder
  • TIS+PVRZ files for EE
  • EET Compatibility
  • Added version flag
  • Traification
  • Updated WeiDU

Many of those were implemented with Austin and checked by his friends, some were later checked and improved additionally by the original author.

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